“Forefathers’ Eve in Tbilisi” | performative reading of second part of “Forefathers’ Eve” by Adam Mickiewicz

“Forefathers’ Eve in Tbilisi” is a part of a large-scale project aiming to popularize Polish romantic literature abroad.

The international conference „The Animal on Stage: Cultural Performances”

The conference aims to consider the formulas of animal spectacles, and the meanings expressed by specific performances, both old and contemporary.

“Forefathers’ Eve in Tbilisi” | About Polish Romanticism Abroad

It is the first time that Mickiewicz’s drama poem in its entirety will be translated into Georgian language.

WST x 40 + Warszawskie Spotkania Teatralne 1965-2021 “Szara strefa awangardy” Ewy Guderian-Czaplińskiej „Teatr w pandemii” “Krypta Gustawa” Zbigniewa Majchrowskiego Polska awangarda teatralna 1919–1939. Antologia “Legenda Grzegorzewskiego”. Ewa Bułhak

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